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Data Driven Software Quality at #BSCADC 2014

I recently presented on the topic of Data Driven Software Quality at the Better Software Conference and Agile Development Conference 2014 East.  It was a great session.  I was one of the last presenters on the last full day of he conference and yet I drew more than 60 people to my track session.  It was a great audience and very engaged.

I don’t think I was more than ten slides in when I got my first question which amounted to asking if I was saying that software testing is dead.  That was quite the gauntlet to be thrown down.  My answer is simple though.  Software quality is being driven more and more by telemetry and measurements as compared to big up front testing (BuFT).  So, while I won’t say testing is dead, I do believe the amount of up front traditional testing is on the decline and more on-going iterative measurements is on the rise.

Special thanks to @SethEliot for several of the slides and the countless hours discussing Data Driven Quality and the DDQ Framework.

Thank you to everyone that attended the session and all those on twitter asking for the slides.  Here are the slides from the session (Data-Driven Software Testing-The New Lean Approach to Quality V3).  I cut out about 20 of the big pretty images to make the deck smaller but I did not cut any of the real content.  Enjoy and ping me on twitter if you have any questions.

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